Exposing product vulnerability

Recently I encountered Barkshop (basically they sell dog’s toy) and found they tell a great story for the product brand. Instead of over-emphasizing that they sell never-gonna-be-broken toys, Barkshop exposes product pictures of how their toys are going to look like when they are worn out.

I am a dog owner myself. Though it’s a bummer when I see my dog’s torn apart fluffy toys one after one, I don’t feel like walking away from their eCommerce site. Instead, I found it intriguing and trustworthy. Their brand seems to try to tell –

“See? I am not lying. It can definitely be torn up.”

“But this is how it should be – those toys are meant to be ripped off. Deal with it!”

“Dogs are destroyers and love to sink their teeth into this. Make your dog happy!”

They also name each toy and think hard to give a story respectively.

Isn’t that lovely?


(Images are from barkshop.com)

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