Cutting a hole to make a handle

“Cutting a hole to make a handle rather than adding multiple parts.” -Jony Ive

To fully understand this, one shouldn’t just limit it to the notion of Simplicity. Admittedly “cutting a hole” delivers an aesthetics of simplicity compared to “adding parts”.

It also takes one to appreciate the art of “not re-inventing the wheel”.

Recognizing the existence, then adding value on top of it each time without even being recognized, could be difficult. Sometimes it’s easier the other way around – arbitrarily creating something new from scratch. Because by “adding multiple parts” you don’t need to carry the complexity of legacy, but “cutting a hole” requires you to understand the nature of the existing materials really well.

If you look at the evolution of Apple’s products, iPhone or Macbook, there’s a beauty of gradual improvements – avoidance of creating things that might dilute the existing value.


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