Richard Feynman is a data vis expert!

I don’t know much about quantum physics, but found Feynman Diagram to be a great example in data visualization when reading The Grand Design this morning –

  • use visualization to explain obscure concept that’s not existing before
  • it has all the necessary anatomy (but not excessive) to form a visualization  –
    • Time Series: initial state (at the bottom), final state (at the top);
    • Legends: solid line (Electron), wavy line (Photon), helix (Gluon)
    • States: arrows where it heads, and vertex where two meet
  • The overall form of each diagram is simplified enough so it can be propagate quickly, considered that there could be indefinite possibilities in Quantum Theory
  • The neat part is it comes with mathematics expression! For example, e+ e → 2γ



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