Pinterest与动物本能(写在Pinterest IPO)

在描述人们用Pinterest的动机的时候,印象深刻的是Evan Sharp(Pinterest的设计创始人)会把这归咎到一种数百万年来就存在的动物本能:野生动物在森林猎食或是找果子时,会搜寻各类树叶的痕迹,并进行好坏叶子的挑选。Pinterest是这种非常基因性的行为的表现形式。

“A lot of the beauty of Pinterest isn’t the way it looks. It looks fine, but it’s really the impact it has, the way it gives people a sense of clarity about what their dreams might look like. It gives them a sense of control over what their future could be.”


Jonathan Ive提名了Evan为去年Wired的年度人物之一 – “He understands that complex problems can be simplified and often resolved visually”。


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