Serendipity and Exotic by AI

You might object that the AI would thereby kill serendipity and lock us inside a narrow musical cocoon, woven by our previous likes and dislikes. What about exploring new musical tastes and styles? No problem. You could easily adjust the algorithm to make 5 percent of its choices completely at random, unexpectedly throwing at you a recording of an Indonesian gamelan ensemble, a Rossini opera, or the latest K-POP hit. Over time, by monitoring your reactions, the AI could even determine the ideal level of randomness that will optimize exploration while avoiding annoyance, perhaps lowering its serendipity level to 3 percent or raising it to 8 percent.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century, by Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval在21 Lessons for the 21st Century书中所描述的Serendipity另我沮丧 – 本以为人类应当引以为豪的serendipity,可能也只是被上帝操纵。想跳出算法给你制造的filter bubble并非难事,通过调整randomness比即可,甚至存在最优比率:serendipity比率太低,人类的confirmation bias就越积越深不再探索;serendipity比率太高,人们便失去乐趣以至丢弃。

这让我想起California Roll加州卷的来源:上世纪70年代美国人因为吃不惯纯正的日本刺身寿司而创造出的”混合物”:米饭里包着紫菜、蟹肉、牛油果、mayo的、带有脂肪般口感的加州卷。给老美带来类似chicken nuggets感受的拓展食物。

人们大致不会喜欢完全exotic的东西,除非它的”exotic的程度“被控制在一定的范围。而人们”喜欢“一定程度的exotic,或许只是feel good about themselves.

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