Reading books as news feeds

This year I’ve been running an experiment of reading physical books as though they are feeds on Twitter.

It means that, I read 5~10 books in parallel within a given time — read one chapter in a book when I want, then jump to another book without finishing the previous one.

Reading in a bundle helps you connect dots if there are any. Yet a bundle of books are just a small set of consumption of all mediums. Today people have a great mix of diversified types of mediums: podcasts, youtube videos, social media feeds, magazines, favorite news sites, blogs via RSS, subscribed contents distributed via personal emails, subject matter discussions via corp emails, PPT proposals from your colleagues, etc. People might read less physical books, but I believe we actually “read” more today.

Another thing I adopted is to feel less guilty of not finishing a book — I rarely finished any books I recently touched. Instead of reading a book in order to finish it, maybe a valid measurement is how hard you think during the time you read it.

If someone you trust recommends a great book, you may buy it and put in your bookshelf. There’s no need to feel guilty of letting this book idle either. Since you still absorb information from across all other available mediums.

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