Eric Weinstein’s view on Peter Thiel

Peter does a better job figuring out who the generative heterodox thinkers are. And then he realizes very often that they don’t know the best way of putting forward their ideas. He’s also got another idea that academicians don’t understand, which I call “Maximumly compress minimally distorted”, where he takes some ideas and he is willing to give up a tiny amount of accuracy to make it extremely compact so that when unpacked, it tells you a ton. And because academicians over focus on special cases, he very often runs into the table where someone would object to the idea that his principle isn’t exactly accurate.

Peter is an insanely difficult person for most of us to model, because I don’t think it’s even consistent session-to-session. Peter is so driven by the search for something new, that, whatever it is his thought lasts, is now incorporated into “Well, that’s old. What do we go from here?”

One of the reactions that people had was “Wow I have never seen this side of peter.” The delta between the private person and the cartoon character the media portrayed has gotta be one the largest delta of any other human beings.

Peter is a intensely moral thinker – and how the moral element of his thought interacts with the cognition and strengthens it. (this comment is actually from Tyler)

Episode 16 of The Portal

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